Saturday, June 4, 2011

LANDLORD-TENANT how do i evict a tenant that refuses to move out - some way to change room locks?

im sorry but i have these horrible tenants. they have moved out of the property, leaving behind unnecessary rubbish only, but still hold the keys. they have refused to pay the rent for a month (rent is paid monthly) and demand one month%26#039;s refund for %26#039;dirty%26#039; kitchen and bathroom that is perfectly clean and refurbished as well, %26#039;unuseable%26#039; washing machine that works and washes fine and %26#039;high fire safety hazard%26#039; which has long been solved now.

can someone please advice me as to how to evict these tenants - is there some way i can take out their luggage and change the room lock with a court order? please i desperately need help, im losing out on mortgage payment, or could someone recommend a website with law help, e.g how to get a court order, how to evict tenants.

thank you very much in advance|||I%26#039;m not positive on the laws in england, but since you stated that they have moved out I would just change the locks. If a tenant %26quot;moves out%26quot; it%26#039;s considered abandonment and the place becomes yours again.

I would put new locks on it, put the rest of their belongings in storage. Take them to court for the money owed, and the court will probably ask you to give them the rest of their belongings if they want them.

Just make sure they have already moved out! It is illegal to do this if they are still living there.|||just throw their stuff in the street and change locks on the doors|||I%26#039;m amazed that someone would become a landlord w/out knowing the laws, or even the basic procedures.....

Whilst not in England......just google your country and landlord/tenant laws and see what you have to do.....

In the states, the landlord would get in BIG financial trouble if he tried to change the locks or remove their tenant%26#039;s property prior to an eviction....

Go to the library and get England%26#039;s version of %26quot;landlording for Dummies%26quot;.....information is out there, but you have to go get it.|||serve them with a registered letter and take them to Court. Have photos of all the trash and estimates for any repairs. Any competent locksmith can change your door hardware. I%26#039;m in the states and HEY to you and yours across the pond! :-)|||NOOOOOO do NOT just change the locks. It sounds as if they have a month to month set up - no signed lease. In that case, (at least it would work this way in the US and probably in UK), they have not moved out until they give you notice that they are leaving the property. In that case, they would owe you rent until they give you notice they are leaving. As for their withholding rent, this is also illegal in the US, regardless of their reason. Of course, again, I%26#039;m not sure about the UK, but you could take them to court for not paying their rent, even if the place is a dump.

I suggest you call a lawyer.|||I am from the USA. You have a holdover tenant. I would send the a certified letter and a hand delivered letter of abandonment. I don%26#039;t know how your lease is written out, but they did abandon the premises. Keep all records of you contacts, as to when you called them, stopped by, certified letter, hand delivered letter. Then file a judgement on them.